The Dangers of Overeating Durian

Durian is one of the most popular fruits in southeast Asia. Durian or durio zibethinus (Latin name) is often referred to as the king of fruit. Durian meat is very sweet also soft, you can consume directly or vary into various types of food.

When durian season arrives, many people look for it and overeat it. Although this fruit contains many nutrients, the dangers of eating durian excessively should be noted. Especially for those of you who have a history of certain diseases, consuming durian excessively is highly discouraged.

Summarizing from various sources on the Internet, it turns out that there are some dangers of eating durian that you should pay attention to if done excessively, such as the following. Please take a good look at it mate because health is very important.

1. Sensation of Heat on the Body

As it turns out, consuming durian fruit excessively can cause a sensation of heat in your body. For some people, it can also cause symptoms that make them uncomfortable, such as laryngitis, thrush, constipation, and increased phlegm in the body.

Any impact of what I mentioned does not provide comfort of course, let alone thrush is really frustrating and makes us all uncomfortable. So be careful and withstand our excessive appetite to consume durian excessively.

2. Causes Obesity

Although there is no harmful cholesterol content pads this sweet fruit, durian has a very high number of calories. Small durian measuring approximately 600 grams has at least 885 calories.

That amounts to about 44 percent of the daily calorie needs that adults need of as much as 2000 calories per day.

Therefore, consuming durian excessively that is not offset by a healthy lifestyle, can lead to obesity and obesity. Being obese alone can increase the risk of developing a number of terrible diseases, such as diabetes, heart, and stroke.

In this section, it can be said that it is better to prevent while still healthy. Because if we’re sick, it’s too late to prevent. So take care of the pattern then the likes are excessive. Healthy is expensive mate

3. Very High Sugar Content

The last danger if you consume durian excessively is that it can cause diabetes because it contains very high sugars.

We know for sure that sugar is very speaking for our health, if it accumulates excessively in our body.

The sugar content in durian fruit is able to raise blood sugar levels and cause symptoms of diabetes, such as blurred eyes and nausea.

4. Dangers For Pregnant Women

For pregnant women who consume durian fruit excessively this can lead to fetal death, it happens because the fetus contained in the womb is unable to withstand excessive heat.

If a pregnant woman eats too much durian, the effect will feel hot in the stomach. It’s the heat that can lead to death in the fetus.

The heat is present due to the high alcohol content of durian. For pregnant women should not consume this fruit excessively yes.

Such is the article this time about some dangers if we eat too much durian fruit. It tastes very sweet and it feels like it wants to continue, but let’s also pay attention to the impact on the health of the body yes mate.

Have a good day mate, and keep a healthy lifestyle because in a healthy body will scatter a sweet smile from pal. See you in the next articles.


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