Important Tips to Make YouTube Channel Easy to Pass Monetization

The world of YouTube is growing, every day as novice Youtubers grow. The growing technology and many successful people in the YouTube world are making people more and moreusiasusias to take advantage of existing technology to make money.

More and more youTubers are popping up, they come from all circles ranging from the public, public figures including artists. Including me who is currently starting to build a YouTube channel called Ato Basahona.

To start making money from YouTube then surely you need to have a YouTube channel first and start making interesting videos so that many people like to watch and visit your YouTube channel.

In order for a YouTube channel to make money, it must be monetized or registered to YouTube so that videos on your channel can show ads, well that’s where you start to enjoy paying from YouTube.

However, it is not easy for a YouTube channel to be accepted for monetization because there are many factors to be met. Otherwise, your YouTube channel will be declined for monetization.

Important Tips to Make YouTube Channel Easy to Pass Monetization

There are some tips for getting your YouTube channel to monetize easily, although it’s difficult but if applied well it will work.

1. Focus on one theme

There are indeed many mixed or gado-gado channels that can make money by escaping monetization but it would be nice to first build a channel before monetization should focus first on one video theme so that later when signing up is more likely to qualify in one monetization list.

Once accepted, you can create other themed videos or mixed videos.

2. Avoid Copyright claims

One of the most influential factors is the content of videos that are subject to copyright claims. If any video is subject to a copyright claim then it is certain that your YouTube channel will be rejected when you sign up for YouTube for monetization.

Copyright claims can be someone else’s video as well as someone else’s music. An easy way to avoid copyright claims is never to use someone else’s videos and music. Make your own videos for music, lots of copyright-free free music that’s already available on the YouTube dashboard and ready to go at will.

3. Try to create interesting videos

Interesting videos are not just about video themes but how edits and concepts of videos are uploaded to your YouTube channel. By making interesting videos it can make it easier for people to subscribe and always watch your videos and even yanga will share them. The terms for monetization take 1000 subscribes and 4000 hours of views, with interesting videos you create making it very easy to achieve those conditions.

You can also promote your channel to people nearby and through social media.

4. Diligently create videos

Remember! Your chnannel has just been created so there are still very few videos. Be diligent in creating videos to quickly reach 4000 hours of views and 1000 subscribes so your channel will monetize faster.

So YouTube Channel Tips Easily Escape Monetization that I can share, hopefully useful and can be applied well to your YouTube channel.

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