How to Speed Up Blog Access To Be Very Lightweight

Based on the fact that in general the speed of access to open blogs, can increase traffic visits even earn revenue by significant numbers. The duration of the 0.1-second access increase alone can increase revenue by as much as 1%.

For example, for many online sales websites today, access to the website is a must-see, because with a difference of just 0.1 seconds from competitors, it can decrease sales turnover by tens to hundreds of millions. It is important for web and blog owners to pay attention to the speed of access to the web.

In this article I will discuss How to speed up blog access to be very light, certainly by paying attention to a few things.

6 Best solutions to speed up blog access

Of the many ways that people write, I can only conclude 6 best solutions to speed up access to the web or blog.

1. Choose a good hosting and domain place

Related hosting and domain is more suitable for those who have a website than a blog, but it doesn’t make any mistake when I go back to explaining. Nowadays many hosting providers offer a lot of things, it is necessary to underline all the features that exist in hosting companies should be completely understood by us.

2. Place javascript wisely

Browser is an application to open the web or blog, the way the browser works is to do the first reading of scripts originating from outside the web or blog (exsternal source), the script that is embedded will be parsed only then displayed. It takes time to parse, the more exsternal sources are embedded, the longer a web or blog is displayed.

This parsing process is what needs to be understood, so friends should check the condition of the template so that as much as possible exsternal source can be stored inside the web, without having to take it from the outside.

The logic is this way, if a friend has a self-made product much faster to serve the buyer by increasing production, when compared to having to order from someone else’s product, which will be long related to the working time and accommodation of the product.


3. Use CSS widgets wisely

One of the factors that affects the speed of the web or blog is the built-in code of the template.

4. Image file optimization on the blog

Images serve as instructions or simply as illustrations on the article, which should be considered in their use, perform image file optimization

5. Using expires headers

The term Expires Header is almost like a function with Cookies, an article page that visitors have visited before, then the second time will not perform a new load process, but only load previously stored content.

Embedding this script can speed up page access by up to 1.5 seconds, and is considered very effective, especially against the content of articles filled with images.

6. Reduce the use of Custom Fonts

Google provides a lot of fonts or fonts to decorate the web or blog buddy, try not to use too many fonts, just 1 or 2 types to use.

This aims to prevent browsers from ingesting font searches to external URLs, so that web or blog pals will be faster.

Thus how to speed up blog access to be very light with the 6 solutions that I have explained, hopefully can be implemented and most importantly can be useful for pals, please share back for others who do not know it yet.

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