Examples of Student Creative Business for Fresh Graduates

Opening a small business is indeed an option for those of you who want to enter the world of entrepreneurship or entrepreneurship. However, we are often confused about what kind of business is prospective in the future. Especially for those of you who are fresh graduates, there are two options for working in a company or starting your own business.

In today’s era, competition for jobs is certainly more difficult. This certainly makes new undergraduate graduates need more effort to be accepted by the desired company. If you find it difficult to compete in the job market, why don’t scholars try their own line of business or be self-employed?

So, to start this, new scholars need an idea and a description of the business that will be made. This kosngosan article will try to help by providing some SME business ideas that you can try. The choice of UKM here will prioritize low business capital requirements and of course provide an explanation of the attractiveness of this.

Because doing business does not look at age and educational background, anyone can start. No exception for those of you who have just graduated from college this semester, and are confused about where to work. Here is a list, creative business ideas that you can apply to fill your idle time!

Aquascape and Biotope Services

Currently, many people are starting to enjoy aquascaping to be used as decoration in the room. Aquascape is a work that combines the concept of aquatic plants, rocks and driftwood in an aquarium, which provides a miniature view of nature.

Usually Aquascape is also equipped with several types of small fish in it. Making Aquascapes and biotopes is currently quite popular and you can become a scaper, a person who designs the aquascape from start to finish and is ready to be installed in various rooms.

Scrap Frame Making

One type of craft that is in the form of a frame, but not only photos or paintings, can also be combined with various needs from clients, including thank you notes, wedding gifts, parcels or birthday gifts. So for those of you who like to make objects that require high creativity, this business is quite tempting to try.

Selling Custom HP Cases

Nowadays people already have smartphones as their necessity. However, many need cover protection for their cellphones so they are not easily scuffed and damaged. Therefore, doing business cases or HP silicon is an option. Not only standard shapes and colors such as white, black or transparent, but consumers also love custom cases. This type of case has an image or pattern chosen by the buyer.

Toddler Needs Rental

Come to think of it, parents who buy debay all the equipment such as toys, pushers and so on certainly won’t last long, right? Because the baby’s growth and development is so fast.

Therefore, baby equipment rental services were made for several months, so that the benefits of these items could be maximized. This is where the idea of ​​renting baby gear emerged. If you want to do business, you can try this idea, especially because not many have done it

Fashion and Clothing Business

The first UKM idea that can be tried is in the field of fashion and clothing. In this case, your business can take many forms and take care of many fashion and clothing products. For example, as a designer, manufacturer and distributor. Of course, this can be adjusted to your abilities and capital.

Designer endeavors

For designers, you can start by looking for partners to produce your clothing designs. It is certainly better to make this design starting with clothes that are less complex and easier to market. Image design for t-shirts is an easy line of business and of course many outlets will be more accepting than dress designs.

You can use many t-shirt making services on the internet. From this partner, you can sell your designs and market them more easily. You can do promotions by using social media and directing the link to the t-shirt maker partner with your design. If you want to make the marketing process easier, use your friends and family connections to help you spread your product.

Clothing Convection Business

For a producer business, you can also open a distribution to make clothes. You can open this distro in a small form first with a specific order. For example, making your own design t-shirts, print t-shirts and other t-shirt needs. You can make this type of business a business opportunity in a promising village.

In fulfilling this, you might be able to find a place to supply plain t-shirts so that you can print images and screen prints to order. Capital like this is certainly smaller than having to meet the needs of a jacket or the like. If it has developed, then the kosngosan friend looks for additional labor and the tools to be able to meet the demand for other types of clothing.

Apparel Marketing

For this type of business, you can take the distribution channel. In this case, you open a shop and run a trading business like many shops in general. You choose merchandise from several manufacturers and brands, then market it yourself by increasing the selling price. For this business, it is highly recommended not to take expensive brands right away.

On the internet, today there are still many brands that are niche but have good quality. Contact the manufacturer directly and offer to work together to distribute it. This will certainly be easier to do than working with a well-known, expensive brand partner.

Unique Craft Business

In addition to businesses in fashion and clothing, the most frequently taken SMEs are those related to crafts. In this case, you can choose various things to make a business because there are also many forms of crafts.

But if you want to sell, of course you have to make choices according to market needs. In this regard, there are two types of crafts that are on the rise to take up. The first is crafting event trinkets and the next is crafting fandom geek.

Event specific craft

This type of craft is certainly familiar. Trinkets for weddings or seminar gifts are common things given. Currently, the need for this craft is of course a lot, but the supply is always limited. In every city, usually only a few craft entrepreneurs can fulfill this.

If you enter this business, of course you need a product that is good, unique and of course easy to make into many. This multi-ordered craft requires good thinking, because if it is too complex, of course the quality will not be uniform when made in large quantities. An easy option is to search for craft ideas from various DIY websites on the internet. For example, flower crafts from used plastic or patchwork, are examples that can be taken with little capital and an uncomplicated manufacturing process.

Craft Fandom

Nowadays things like movies, anime, cartoons, dramas, idols and video games of course have fandoms. The size of this fandom will certainly vary, but in general, everyone likes craft knick-knacks related to this.

You can try research for knick-knacks such as key chains, mask sculptures or just knitting with the Marvel Avenger super hero theme. Of course many people are looking for handicraft items like this.

To sell copy right goods like this, you can try to make them based on similarities and not take the exact same form. For example, like fanart with a different style from certain cartoon characters.

From this fanart image, you can take it as a key chain, because the character doesn’t really resemble the original character. Of course, if the fanart is made by someone else, you need permission to use it as merchandise. But if you make your own fanart, you are free to sell it.

Open a Culinary Business

The next business that is currently hot is around culinary. Due to the development of information technology and services due to the internet, food sales can now be made more modern and cool.

For example, before marketing street snacks such as solo sausages or risol mayo, they could be made unique with certain recipes and sold through social media. For delivery, services such as GrabFood and GoFood can also be used.

In a culinary business that is currently popular, you can focus on two things, namely unique foods and challenge foods. Both of these things become big because of the culture of sharing and also creating content to attract the attention of internet users.

Unique Food

This unique food is a twist that results from turning an ordinary recipe into a more unique and interesting one. Of course, this change cannot be of unique origin, the combination of taste and price will affect whether the buyer who tries it can become a regular customer.

Foods that can be used as examples are impossible burgers. This burger is made with chemicals from plants to create a meat-eating sensation for vegetarians. Of course food like this will invite many people to try. But for those who have just graduated, things like this will certainly be difficult but there is also a simple but unique menu.

For example, a simple dish such as an egg martabak but given a twist of spices in the style of foreign dishes. For example, instead of using only leeks and meat, you can use sausage and spinach. Or use the okonomiyaki recipe as inspiration to change the martabak style.

Food Challenge

This challenge food is arguably easier to realize than unique foods. This theme that is currently hot is the level of spiciness and size. Of course this special challenge menu is a side item and you serve it to orderers who want to answer the challenge.

But regular visitors, will still be served with a standard form menu from the menu of the challenge. You only use the challenge menu as an invite and not the standard menu in your place. So make sure your standard menu is still delicious, but also the challenge menu is kept interesting.

Doing business is your way to gain experience and increase income. That is the discussion about UKM ideas that you can use to start your own business as a new graduate. Hopefully this can help my friends.

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