Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging in 2020

In 2020, do you want to be a blogger? Blogger is one of the online work done by writing a content to publish on the blog. While the blog itself is a website that is used to create content that you will create later. One of the keys a blogger should have is being able to write.

Writing on a blog is certainly not as easy as imagined, in which there are several techniques that you have to master, one of which is SEO. If you’ve been able to master SEO techniques, your blog’s chances of being on the main page will be even greater. That way, you’ll get a lot of visitors easily without having to share articles to social media.

Blogging in 2020 is certainly an advantage and disadvantage that you can get later. here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of blogging in 2020!

Advantages of Blogging In 2020

1. More Visitors Potential

Why will visitors in 2020 be more and more? Everyone in 2020 almost all already have an android smartphone or laptop. In addition, children’s knowledge of today’s world of technology will grow. Surely they will get to know the internet world faster, right! This is your chance to get a lot of visitors.

2. Adding Knowledge

Writing a blog will make you more knowledgeable. This is because you will first understand the source of reference you get before you write a blog. Subconsciously you’ve gained knowledge of what you read and write on the blog.

Especially if you create with different types of themes, important information can be obtained in various fields such as health, education, technology and so on. By becoming a blogger, your knowledge will increase by itself. In addition to making money, you can also add to your knowledge.

3. Filling Free Time

The next advantage you can get is filling your free time. Sometimes everyone is confused when there is no more work to do. Free time that you do not use can be mandated to write articles. That way, you can earn financial puns by taking advantage of your free time.

4. Can Write

Everyone who is new to you first become a blogger certainly hasn’t been fluent in writing articles. There are some things they do not yet understand such as writing techniques, SEO techniques and so on. By continuing to practice and be consistent in writing, you will quickly be able to write articles well and properly. Most importantly you have to be consistent in running it.

Writing a blog there are various themes that you can take such as education, health, technology, online business, and others. You can write articles according to your hobby. If you like cooking, you can write content about health. I’m done with health by writing on your blog. That way, you’ll be a successful blogger for sure.

5. Earn More Money

When in the previous year the bloggers earned enough, in the following year surely they will get more appansion than before. The advantage of being a blogger is being able to make money without having to leave the house. Simply by using your laptop or PC at home, you can already multiply your finances.

6. Become Famous

The opportunity to become a famous person can also be done by becoming a blogger. One blogger who has managed to prove his success is Mastimon. He became one of the inspirations of budding bloggers with his successful hard work to this day. By becoming a blogge in 2020, you can be famous if you do it in earnest.

Blog Shortages In 2020

1. Tougher Competition

The downside that you will get if you write a blog in 2020 is that competition is more intense. Compared to the previous year, the person who became a blogger has not been much. In 2020, children are increasingly familiar with the world of technology, of course bloggers will be their favorite in this year.

You have to compete with beginners, seniors and others. If you only have ordinary skills, you will lose out to other bloggers. Bag you guys who have been blogging for a long time should also be careful with the rise of millennial kids now. They’re going to be one of the dangerous competitors for you.

2. Declining Earnings

The more people who work in the world of bloggers will definitely make you work harder in the future. The more blogs there are, your website could potentially experience a decrease in visitors. This is because the emergence of new bloggers in 2020 makes people will get a lot of choice when searching for something on google.

Looking at that, you’ll certainly be worried about your income decreasing later, right! In the previous year, your payout may reach Rp 10 million per month, maybe in 2020 your income may decrease to Rp. 8 million. If you’re off guard, this can happen to your blog.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages you can get if you become a blogger in 2020. If you really want to be a blogger, look at the drawbacks and you need to be able to overcome those shortcomings. With hard work and high effort will certainly make you successful later.

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