10+ Poems for Your Most Romantic Wife

Poetry for wives is a poem from a husband that describes a dear wife who is arranged in beautiful words.

In this poem for wife, it reveals a meaning of a wife who has played an important role in domestic life.

The wife is the mother of our children, where she tirelessly takes care of the children at home and tidies up the messy house.

To appreciate his services so far, you can dedicate some Poems for your beloved wife below.

Poetry for My Beloved Wife

O Beloved Wife

I’m settling this body.
After a day of scavenging fortune..
To support children and wives.
So that they may not be wronged.

O you beloved wife.
I’d love to say that now.
Get up and learn the fruits of our love..
With firmness wrapped in love..

O you beloved wife.
You are my angel in the world..
I should have taken care of it.
It has been wrong for me if you are wronged..

O you beloved wife.
I swear i’ve always been loyal.
You are the most beautiful gift in the world..
Hopefully together we can achieve the ridho allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’alla…


The Most Beautiful Nursery

Gratitude is endlessly spoken,
There will be one hope,
Living with you on one roof,
In light and dark…

God leave a woman,
From him shrouded in joy and mind,
His heart is full of love and love,
Until it can’t be confiscated…

You are, the most beautiful nursery woman,
A very Sholehah wife,
My happy complement to the world,
My protector from the fire of hell…

O woman of Titipan!
Stay afloat, stay afloat,
With me live the pleasures of life,
Until you come back to God…

In Him I pray prayer,
Through both hands,
May life always be happy,
Until the end of his time…


When Dawn Arrives

When the dawn comes again,
You wake up and you wake up,
Continuing life in the world,
As a devoted wife…

Your face is crumpled back radiant,
Prepare food in the morning,
For the child and the husband,
Without ever complaining at heart…

The sun is slowly casting,
There’s a voice saying hello,
Wake up the child and her husband,
You greet with a happy smile…

Beautiful love is always poured out,
Morning greeted by a smile sumringah,
Wake up a magnificent family,
From the wife’s hands at home…

This is real happiness,
The material is rich in love,
For you my beloved wife,
It will last forever…

Stay Tough My Dear Wife

I’m sorry for this breakup.
Gotta leave you to find rizki
In order to meet the demands of the
Who will support our lives later

My wife, I hope you understand.
That I’ve always kept this love
Our love that has been bound by a sacred rope
Pledge and be faithful to each other to death

My wife, just pray I’m here.
To always live this life
Fulfilling your duty to you and your heart
Towards real household happiness

Halal Lover

The Newsan has come,
From behind the cold of dawn,
The ark of love began to flutter,
There will come a great gift…

I see, I’ll see, I’ll look at your face,
Beautiful radiant sweeping haru,
I shake your father’s hand,
I say that sacred oath and promise…

That day, no words were turned away,
You’re no longer a foreign woman,
Now that a new life has come to usury,
One roof with you until it’s ageing…

You’re my halal lover,
My life and death lover,
From day to night passes,
Make my friends realize longing…

I’ve got a big mandate.
Take you to a beautiful life,
Arranging memorable events,
With love without boredom…


Islamic Poetry for Wives

Oh, my God…
We’ve been together 15 years.
A lot of likes and sorrows that we’ve been through both
A lot of laughter and tears that we’ve had for both of us.
There is also a lot of suffering that we have been through together.

When he was lying on my side.
I saw all the exhaustion on his face.
I saw a million fatigues on his face…
But it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be all that loud.

As I lay by his side…
I wish the night didn’t meet dawn.
Dark doesn’t change light..
So I can hug her.
Tight forever …

Oh, my God…
How grateful I am to you…
Thou hast given me a wonderful wife servant…
Irreplaceable to the world and the whole world…
That gives me coolness forever…

Oh, my God…
Only prayer to you I have for her dear wife…
That we may be together until you take us home to You.

Oh, my God…
I am not a perfect man, who is always in every dream. Maybe…
I was not his hope, either.
I am a man who loves him.

Oh, my God.
Often also servant dzolim to him…
Please ask millions of forgiveness and forgiveness to you and also to him….
Let me get back to improving…
To be a better servant…

Oh, my God.
I sincerely plead with you…
Give my wife strength.
To always be patient to be my servant’s companion….
When I became a nahkoda in the ark of the servant’s household…

You’re my angel.
When mentari menyongsong in the eastern horizon, it doesn’t beat the beauty of seeing you when I wake up from sleep Like the tip of a nail that always grows even though it is always cut
That’s how I missed it even though it was only a second apart with you, but grew a thousand more longings on my chest.

Only you can complete my life Only you are able to face and accept my selfishness You are beautiful, you are patient, and you are so Graceful
You’re the medicine in my pain.

Shut up lukaku Your smile Happy My laughter is the most beautiful angerah of my life.
Because all my life I’ve been hanging on to you.

Like an angel
You are my angel in heaven.

Comforter and Complement in my time of sadness and solitude.
Because you’re my angel.


Together To His Heaven

Starting from that day,
I’m a fused round tekatku,
Give meaning to your life,
As a longing release buddy….

The most beautiful woman of God’s grace,
With you make a million wishes come true,
Create memorable moments,
Tell me about the day you lost your lament.

To you, my dear wife,
There is no need to hesitate to worry,
The love that exists will not go away,
Until death I must have known….

All the love I offer,
Of you is all hope,
There’s no saturation or boredom,
From today until later….

Stay with me to His Heaven,
I guide you faithfully,
When life comes out of the body,
Happy with you all the time…

Your presence

My wife
Trust is not small to you,
Which The Lord has given you,
In the rest of my life…

He presents thee to me,
The thirsty for your affection,
A glimmer of love rises in your eyes,
Even though it’s a great time to entertain…

You’re my wife,
Sad entertainer and my lara,
My anxious and agitated,
My exorcist and my grief…

O my beloved wife,
I guide you to His Heaven,
So much hope poured in,
Every time both hands spit…

My dear wife,
Your presence calms me down,
Originally had to change,
To live a long life…


Mother of My Children

There’s not much to say,
When i’m tired of your face,
Looks full of asa and hope,
But never tired of getting caught…

To you, my wife,
To you the mother of my children,
Thank you so much I say always,
For your compassion and love…

There is no weary word in guarding,
Hold the whole body tight,
Although sometimes hurt by the word,
Be sincere and stoic you always take care of…

Stay the mother of my children,
Stay one of my wives,
There is no boredom,
I love you always…


The Sincerity of Your Love
The good news has come,
From the Creator,
For the answer to a prayer,
The realization of a asa…

Come with you, give me a new color,
Giving light in the kalbu,
Under clouds and blue skies,
You’re the one I’m always waiting for…

The sincerity of your love I never doubted,
The tenderness of your love I hope always,
May we remain united,
Until it’s separated by time…

You melted all the gundah in the chest,
You’re flush with the heat of the heart,
Through the love you bring,
Keep your name tucked away in prayer…

Thank God for your grace,
You’re going to give me a shy woman,
Shame if you deny Thee,
Embarrassed when his eyes looked at me…


When the body is tired,
The saturated taste begins to plunder,
I’m going home,
With a restless heart and a…

You open the door,
You’re greeted with a big smile,
Plastered with beautiful facial expressions,
O you, wife of sholehah.

When dusk begins to entertain,
Dark night instead of blue sky,
You are the solace of all my laraku,
Smelting tired and tired…

You are one in the heart,
My eternal love,
May God bless,
A holy outpouring of love.

Thank you my dear wife,
All of you I’ll resing,
See you later,
You’re the consolation of all time…


Greatest Love

How i’m not grateful,
Got a lot of love,
All the gundah becomes melted,
All lara slowly crumbled…

From you the compassionate woman,
I’ve got a lot of love,
To take the rough gravel of life,
Raise the spirits to the fire…

I don’t stop thanking you.
Don’t get bored of the love you give,
For great love,
What you’re pouring out knowingly…

My wife, trust me,
The love that exists won’t be a stalk,
Forever I present to you,
During my life and death…


You’re mine
You’re not Kartini, you’re my wife,
Accompanying my day and night,
In my love and sorrow,
In my squeaks and cries.

You’re not Siti Aisyah, you’re my wife,
The mother of my children,
The builder at my dawn,
Perestu to my heaven.

You’re just an ordinary human being,
But my love for you is amazing,
Patience and tenderness of the word,
Take me to happiness.

Stay here, I need you,
Your love, compassion and sacrifice,
Everything that’s on you,
Together to a longing paradise.


Prayer For Wife

When mantari in the western horizon,
I stand facing the qibla,
I say solemnly,
Until I’m with Him it feels close…

I’ll put both hands,
Hope He listens,
For what I say,
For all the asa and hope…

Tears streaming down the cheeks,
Like drifting into a dream,
A lump of prayer at the end of the day,
For you, O wife…

I climb hope and asa,
Facing the Almighty God,
May you have a blessing,
O my wife who sholehah…

Oh my wife,
How much I love you,
My prayers don’t stop flowing for you,
May goodness always be on you…

Thus, this brief review of poetry for the beloved and dear wife and the most touching romantic. Hopefully with the above collection, you can present it to the wife, and hopefully be able to add harmony in your household. Thank.

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