23 Promising Business Opportunities with Small Capital

In the past, to be able to start a business required a large amount of capital. However, now conditions are different. With the internet, everyone can start a business without the need to have tens or hundreds of millions of rupiah in capital. In fact, with a capital of less than Rp. 10 million, you can start a promising business. Here are dozens of small capital business ideas that you can try.

Promising Business Opportunities with Small Capital

1. Selling Health Drinks

In addition to contemporary coffee, health drinks are also in great demand. Modern forms of marketing make ginger, tamarind, rice kencur, and date milk sell well. The ingredients of the drink are easy to get and the price is quite cheap. You can sell it on a home scale. Simply buy a standard size plastic bottle, then offer it to the surrounding environment or more broadly, through social media.

2. Catering

Catering businesses have various scales. With limited funds, you can start a small-scale catering business, for example taking orders to make food for family events, social gathering, recitation, thanksgiving, birthday parties, and so on. You can also offer daily catering for households or individuals.

3. Opening a food stall

For those of you who like to cook, there’s nothing wrong with starting a food stall business. Even though it is small in scale, the food stall business is a promising business because it is always sought after by those who do not have time to cook at home themselves. The types of food sold are also simple because of the general public menu, so they don’t need a lot of capital.

4. Selling Special Food Delivery

If you don’t have an area in your house to serve as a shop, or you don’t have the funds to rent a space, you can still sell food. Just register your home business on the delivery service application, it will seem as if you have a storefront to sell food and drinks from home. The type of food sold can be chosen according to your wishes, it can be a snack or a special menu.

5. Affiliate Marketing

This promising type of business is quite tempting because you can say you don’t need any capital. Affiliate marketing is the activity of promoting other party products. The way it works is if someone buys a product using the referral code that you provide, you will get a commission according to the agreed agreement.

6. Creating Crafts or Accessories

You can make crafts or accessories from simple materials such as yarn, rope, paper or cloth, as well as from used items such as plastic bottles. Promote your product via instant messaging apps or social media for people to see. In addition to selling products that have been made, you can also offer services to make handicrafts or custom-made accessories for birthday souvenirs, social gathering, or certain small scale events.

7. Selling Credit

This promising business can be done as a side income, especially for those of you who are employees. You don’t have to do anything. It is enough to receive credit orders and send them to the order via the short message application.

8. Typing Services

If you already have a laptop, you can try this small business. Many parties are looking for typing services to record the results of interviews in writing or for data entry, for example. In addition, sometimes college students look for typing services to help with their college assignments.

9. Dropshipper

Being a dropshipper can also be said to be a promising business, even without capital because you don’t need to make any products. As a dropshipper, you only need to market the product from the seller and continue the order process from buyer to seller. Furthermore, the seller will send the product to the buyer. Your profit comes from the difference in the price you receive from the buyer for buying the product from the seller.

10. Freelance Translator

For those of you who have foreign language skills, try to promote these skills to people in the immediate environment, as well as to the general public through social media. As long as you can divide your time in doing the work that is accepted, you can get regular income like an office employee. The higher your flight hours, the higher your fare.

11. Freelance Writer

For those of you who have writing skills, take advantage of these skills to earn income. Join a community of freelance writers or sites that host freelance writers like Sribulancer and Upwork for promising jobs. Today many people are looking for freelance writers to write content on blogs, websites and other applications.

12. Sewing Services

For those of you who already have a sewing machine, you can start this small business without capital. However, if you need to buy a sewing machine first, you need to pay IDR 1-2 million. You can receive orders for services to sew clothes, pillowcases, or masks, which are currently in high demand.

13. Costume Rental Services

Every particular moment or holiday commemoration, many people wear clothes or costumes
special. You can take advantage of this promising business opportunity, by opening a costume rental service. With a small amount of capital, you can provide professional children’s costumes or regional traditional clothing that school children are sure to look for every month.

14. Become a YouTuber

Self-taping or something and then uploading it to the YouTube platform can also provide income. This promising business can be a minimum of capital if you already have a smart phone and laptop. You only need to buy internet quota to upload and check your YouTube channel.

15. Become a Reseller

Being a reseller means selling back the products that you have purchased. This small capital business is in great demand because you only need to stock the items to be sold, then sell them online or offline. Examples of items that resellers can sell are clothing, beauty products and gadgets.

16. Private tutoring services

If you have special skills, you can try offering private tutoring services for children or people in the immediate environment. The material taught in private lessons does not have to be related to school subjects. You can also teach foreign languages, singing, music, computers, make-up and sports.

17. Social Media Admin

As long as you have a smart phone and are connected to the internet, you can run this small capital business. Your job is only to monitor the social media accounts that you hold, provide feedback, and upload content. You can find people who need social media admin services on freelancer websites, especially those aimed at writers.

18. Child Care Services

In big cities, many parents rely on child care services. If your house is big enough and safe to be used as a place for children to play, you can try this small business. Offer this service to households near your home. Because they already know you personally, parents may be more inclined to leave their children with you.

19. Motorcycle Washing Services

Now there are many home motorbike washing services available. If in your neighborhood there is no service provider, you can try this promising business. You only need to provide an area that is not too big, water and soap to wash the motorbike.

20. Breeding Catfish

If you have a few million rupiah in capital, you can turn a little area in the house into a catfish pond. With the large number of food stalls selling catfish, the demand for this fish is also quite high. You can partner with wholesale catfish sellers who guarantee you will buy your livestock or with certain catfish stalls to get a definite profit.

21. Make Up Services

If you have pretty good make-up skills, try using those skills for some extra income. With good make-up tools, you can start this small capital business by dressing up your relatives or neighbors for certain events, such as photo shoots, graduations, parties, and so on. When your flying hours are high, you can improve your skills by, for example, becoming a bridal makeup artist.

22. Children’s Toy Rental Services

For this promising business, you need several million rupiah in capital to buy children’s toys. After that, promote the toys that will be rented out. The rental system can be per day or per week. Renting children’s toys is much appreciated by parents because it is considered more cost and space efficient than buying new toys.

23. Selling Snacks

Everyone likes to eat snacks or snacks, especially if the price is affordable. You can try out this small business by selling homemade snacks or selling packaged snacks from suppliers. As long as the product you are marketing is good quality, buyers will definitely buy again. You can sell snacks directly at home or through online promotions (instant messaging apps or social media).

Even though the scale of your business is still relatively small, you still need to have protection from the risk of financial loss, including due to illness. Do not let you get sick, you have to use business funds to pay for medical expenses.

The way to avoid financial loss due to illness is to have health insurance for the family. That way, when you suddenly get sick, you can seek treatment in peace because the costs are borne by the company insurance.

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