10 Signs Of A Bad Guy But Actually Love You

10 signs of a bad guy but actually love you. It’s a little hard to guess someone who has a bad behavior. Because people tend to be quiet, not hirau or bodo time.

While it’s not really the case, he only has his own method of displaying his concerns even though sometimes he worries about it himself. The worry of showing his caring behavior, that’s what makes him look disingenuated.

Here are some signs of a bad guy but actually a pity that can be observed by women who have a bad male partner among others:

1. Help and care

A guy who loves his partner is certainly willing to help a female partner. Whether it’s begged or not, that kind of readness is a sign that he’s in a good place for his partner.

2. Communication through cyberspace

Men who are disoriented generally also tend to be shy even to their own female partners. If the couple is not but still often carry out communication through cyberspace. It’s a trait that he still loves his partner despite a long-distance relationship or LDR.

3. Flattering

Flattery or praise is something that a man can try against his or her partner as a feature of their love. Despite his behavior, the man who is a pity to his female partner will always give praise or flatter him.

4. Defending

If a man continues to defend his female partner for something concerning, it shows that the man is affectionate to his female partner regardless of his behavior.

5. Entertain or visit

Usually the guy who is cuek but unfortunately will always try to entertain or visit in front of his female partner even though his law will sometimes not be funny or crisp.

6. Surprise

Surprise or surprise is a gift given by a person to his partner. Some kind of gift for example. Similarly, the man is quiet and cold, but he does not forget to surprise him.

7. Always there

This characteristic can also be owned by men who are not but truly dear. A man who is disingpitable but affectionate will always come when he has promised to meet or walk with his female partner.

8. Always irritate or bete

Know that the person is not smart in attracting the attention of his partner. Wrong even makes his partner become irritated and bete. So are the men who are a little disinga but dear.

9. Have jealousy

Everyone who goes through a relationship must have felt jealous. It’s a bit different from people in general, but it’s a bit different from people in general. A man who is disinge but love and affection if he is jealous, he will not reveal it directly to his partner. But men who are disinguly inclined will tend to give the word satire.

10. Faithful

Make no mistake, usually the bloke who has more loyalty to establish a relationship. Her character and bodo period made her less interested in other women and prefers to hang out with her female partner.

So some signs of a bad guy but dear. For women who have a bad male partner, do not worry or think negatively first. Observe his behavior and attitude.

If the behavior or attitude shows one of the characteristics that have been presented above, it can be said that the man is still affectionate.

If one sign is not yet convincing, try to look for other features. So, be smart to provoke his attention in order to better understand the personality of the male partner who is a bad guy.


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